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With Adobe Muse you can make websites without writing HTML code. Then learn basic editing in Dreamweaver and finally understand WordPress (easier than you might think) and you’re ready to build about half the websites that exist today.   

Make great, interactive websites, from scratch or from a WordPress template.

Discover what’s best for you by learning both! Want to learn web design? this is the course for you.

This course covers everything you need to know about building HTML newsletters and great looking websites. It covers Adobe Muse which is becoming the go-to answer for people who don’t want to touch code, but do want their websites to sing. Also there is a good chunk focused on the amazing time-saver; WordPress where you can build sites like the one you are currently looking at. It also includes some Photoshop so that you can resize images for web.

Subject to availability. At our office in Shoreditch with our iMacs, or your place.

This course isn’t that popular now that WordPress has taken over the web, and sites like Squarespace have made design easier, but talk to us about what you need and maybe we will come up a bespoke course for you.  Call 07873 994792 for quote.