Illustrator 1-on-1 training

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard in vector graphics software.

Create & modify vector graphics (that means never-low-resolution graphics, we will explain more in the course!) with Adobe Illustrator. Create logos, graphs, charts, posters, PDF invites and more. Draw, paint, spray symbols, cut, bend and play – be in complete control of all your vectors. Learn about printing colour/resolution/bleed specifications and web graphics.

What should I expect from this course? 

Al the above and a lot more. You will be able to create tight working drawings and plans, or if you are more art focused, textile designs and illustrations. This Illustrator course is a lot of fun, but don’t confuse it with InDesign. Call us to find out more.

Course available as needed, subject to availability of our teachers.

Two day course, Whitechapel: £495 for first person.
Additional people £195 each.

Download the Illustrator course notes here.

We can come to you: call 07873 994792 for quote.